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Scitoshi Nakayobro 66dc43b827 work on things 1 year ago
assets yay everything is super ultra mega borked. well. Hash_Table at least. probably everything else maybe a little bit. 1 year ago
lib_code move stb_image into a separate folder 1 year ago
libs/win64 remove unneeded files; move hash functions to hash_table.cpp 1 year ago
src work on things 1 year ago
.gitignore initial commit 1 year ago
LICENSE initial commit 1 year ago add stb_image 1 year ago
build fuck C++ 1 year ago
build-win64 get it compiling and running on Windows; total hackjob; ignore the hardcoded CXX and whatnot... that's because this system is set up wrong and I'm not an admin so I can't fix it 1 year ago


My voxel game.

Big thanks to Sean Barrett for stb_image!